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What do we do at Mosaic Kids?

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Mosaic Kids

Mosaic kids' gym was created with the input of pediatric development experts, including speech therapists, physical therapists and occupational therapists. Our equipment was carefully selected to promote motor, speech and cognitive development, all set within a sensory rich environment. Our indoor play space is designed for children to learn through movement and play.

Mosaic Therapy Suites

Mosaic Kids offers individual therapy suites to pediatric therapists who are looking to start or grow their private practice. Mosaic is the ideal location for a small private practice to call home. When you are a part of Mosaic, you are integrated into our multidisciplinary practice structure. Members of the Mosaic Therapy Collective are committed to the idea that we can best serve our families when we work together. Our families can feel confident knowing that they have access to a team that is committed to working together to best meet their child's needs.

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