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Mosaic Therapy Suites

The Mosaic Therapy Collective was created to give private practitioners a way to practice on their terms; to allow therapists the freedom to be their own boss in an environment in which that dream often seems cost and time prohibitive. Through collaboration, we seek to raise the quality of services for our clients by offering multi-disciplinary care and the shared goal of therapeutic excellence.  When you rent a therapy suite at Mosaic, you get all the benefits of working for yourself with none of the drawbacks of working by yourself. 

Therapy Suite Benefits

Limited overhead

You will never have to worry about the hidden costs of office rental, such as utilities, wifi and cleaning services. Plus you have the benefit of our amenities, including a fully equipped sensory gym, a conference room and a kitchen.

hang your shingle

Your private therapy suite is the home of your business.

Helping eachother grow

Your fellow colleagues will be supporting you in your endeavors every step of the way. We truly believe that we can be more successful working together than in competition with one another.

Shared office space

Being a sole practitioner can often feel isolating. Joining our space allows you to regularly engage with colleagues, share ideas and collaborate.

Marketing advantage

Hit the ground running with a name that is recognized in the Southwest Florida therapy community. By creating a space for community, we help ensure that the families of Southwest Florida will know who you are and where to find your services. 

Monthly Meetings

The Mosaic Therapy Collective meets virtually once a month to support each other professionally in both our clinical and business endeavors.

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